Dedicaded in memory of Nissim (Max) Vugnim

​​ & Nissim Sean Carmeli ben Dalia

The 'Shoova Israel' community members of South Padre Island felt the necessity to act for the soul and as well as to establish a place in which they can retain the Jewish Identity of the entire community. They held a meeting Community members sat and resolved to take bold and daring risk: to purchase land at full price.  There, shall be built: a Synagogue, a mikveh, and an apartment for the Rabbi and

mentor; who shall come and guide the members in our community.

  "Every man whose heart motivates him" (Exodus 25:2), every

community member beca​me affectionately involved to this important

project and contributed according to his ability. 

Step by step, layer upon layer, the foundations were built for the

synagogue and house of study upon the foundation of Torah and

On the 23rd of Elul 5768 (Sept. 6, 2007) the Synagogue stood

intact, with blessings of good luck and success!  There is no

doubt that Holy sparks descended from the Heavens, on the day

of the inauguration of the first Orthodox Synagogue to ever raise in the area.  The skies danced and stars flickered in delight, as if the inauguration of the Temple in the time of King Solomon, of blessed memory.  "[You] gates, lift your heads and be uplifted, [you] everlasting portals, so that the King of Glory may enter".  (Psalms 24:7)  

The first Torah Scroll that was donated to the Congregation was purchased by community member, Alon Carmeli, on Nissan 5764 (April 2004).  A grand procession accompanied the Holy Torah Scroll into the Holy Ark in splendor and glory.  Tears of joy were seen in the eyes of the local Jews as they chanted and danced until they reached the Holy Ark and placed the Torah Scroll within.  The procession took place under police escort through the city, causing great sanctification to the name of G-d.   
With the help of Heaven we merited that the community has developed and prospered "from strength to strength" and on the month of Shevat 5765 (Jan. 2005) community member Eyal Turgeman, purchased an additional Torah Scroll for the congregation.  Once again, a grand procession left the home in splendor with the majesty of a king and sanctification of G-d's name, to intensifying the glory of the Torah.     
On the month of Elul 5769 (Sept. 2009) the verse "and a three- stranded cord will not quickly be broken"(Ecc. 4:12) was fulfilled, when community member Yaacok Haziza

purchased the third Torah Scroll.  Thus once more, with splendor

and glory the Torah Scroll entered in honor into the Holy Ark, for

the sake of His name, with love. 
In all joy and happiness there's sorrow and grief.  On the month

of Av 5768 (July 2008), the area was hit by a Hurricane that struck

with destructive force and caused severe damage to the buildings

on the Island.  It was a dark period in the memory of all the local

residents.  However "from the strong came out sweetness"

(Judges 14:14), and Divine Providence ordered for every person

who has eyes to see how "My faithful legs, You shall protect"

(Samuel I 82:9).  For The Holy and Blessed One saw the tremendous

dedication that the community put into building the synagogue, and blessed be His name, protected the structure of this holy building from all harm, and amazingly, the only building to remain intact without any damage was the House of G-d!

The 'Shoova Israel' Synagogue is an Orthodox synagogue and prayers are conducted in the holy language, and since most of the members are Sephardic, prayers are arranged by the Adot Mizrach style.
The synagogue is visited throughout the year by Jews from around the world; community members are joyful to meet and accommodate fellow Jews arriving to the area.
May it be Your will, HASHEM, our Lord, the G-d of our forefathers, that the Holy Temple be built, speedily in our days, and give our share in Your Torah, in order that we may perform your laws to Your will, and be Your servants -full in heart.
And the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and they shall come to Zion with song, and [with] everlasting joy on their heads; gladness and joy shall overtake them; sorrow and sighing shall flee. (Isaiah 51:11)
With God's help we shall 
merit, we and all of the Children of Israel, a complete redemption, in Jerusalem rebuilt, speedily in our days, Amen.

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In memory of Nissim Sean Carmeli ben Dalia


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