'Jewish Learning' Daycare Center

​Our Sages said (Genesis Rabbah 42): "If there are no kids (young goats), there are no goats" for the youth of today is the next generation of Israelites.  We must take note and commend community members Menashe Amoyal and Yuval Benbenishti, whom dedicated themselves to the task of establishing the Sunday study center or "Sunday School", and thus, were pioneers in teaching Torah and Jewish Studies on the Island.

One mitzvah leads to another; and our congregation fulfilled the verse

"Go from strength to strength" (Psalms 84:8).  In the month of Iyar

5772 (May 2011), the first religious Jewish daycare center in South

Texas was opened for the wellbeing of the Jewish community; whose

mission was to educate the children in Judaic Studies and holidays. 


'Early childhood education' is the most powerful thing that remains

and creates the world within a person's heart.  Thus we made certain

too light the path for our children beginning from a young age in order

that they may grow into Torah, Judaism and marriage, with the

treasures of a Jewish heritage on their backs throughout their lives.  

For the sake of our future as a Jewish Community, we felt the need to preserve that flame, and thus with the child daycare center we are transmitting to our children the Jewish tradition which has passed from father to son- for over three thousand years; such as learning the holy language, text and melody of the ancient prayers, stories of the righteous, etc.

"Train a child according to his way; even when he grows old,

he will not turn away from it." (Mishlei 22:6) In the daycare's

curriculum, we emphasis Jewish values such as:  charity, helping

others, honoring parents, etc.; essential factors that will accompany

the child throughout his/her life and help in the development of their

social personality.    In addition, we focus on a variety of activities

that enrich the child's vocabulary in the English language,

coordination skills, self-expression, social play, etc.

It was important to community members that every child be able to

enjoy kosher food, therefore we equipped the daycare with a modern

kitchen, in which we ourselves, prepare the children's daily kosher

meals, hot and fresh.


"And let us, and our offspring, and the offspring of our offspring, all of us, know Your Name, and learn Your Torah, for its own sake.  Blessed are You, HASHEM, Who teaches Torah to His nation Israel."

Shoova Israel Jewish Learning Center is under the directorship of Mrs. Dalia Fema.

Jewish Learning Center Fees include nutritious Kosher meals (Please no outside food)  $450 / month

We welcome CCMS recipients.

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